Entries for month: May 2013

How to Break the 80/20 Rule

Just imagine what you could do if you could increase that 20% to 30%?

Graphic Design and Religion: Beauty in our Message

What is it that today’s corporate world understands about the beauty and usefulness of graphic design that the church doesn’t?

Worship Design Basics

Worship design may include everything from video, to music, graphics, lighting, etc... But how do we go about it in a way that is glorifying to God and creates an environment that encourages genuine praise and reflection?

Visitor Assimilation: It's Not Rocket Science

Many churches struggle just to get visitors. When you do get them, do you have a plan for keeping them?

6 Ways to Create a Consistent Church Brand (or Image)

Is there a way to take the very best branding ideas from today’s Fortune 500 companies and apply them to the church?