Entries for month: June 2013

How to focus on what's really important

Are there projects, choices and decisions that prevent you from focusing on what's really important in your life and ministry? We've got some ideas on how to reduce the mental clutter and focus on what's important.

Your church has 2 front doors (and 2 back doors too)

Your website is the new front door to your church, and unless you are just as prepared to greet people at that door, they'll never make it to the real one.

The dark side of vision

Many leaders often naively think that everyone is going to automatically love the vision as much as they do.

The Reality of Change and Conflict

Change invites conflict

Are things going 'too' well at your church?

If your church is full of nice people, and pretty much everything is explainable and trackable, maybe your church is missing out on the bigger picture of what ministry is about?