More Outreach Tools

If you're looking for church invitations and ideas for inviting people to church, we've got everything you need. At Equip Ministry Resources, we understand the importance of inviting people to church and we can provide invitations and ideas to help make it easier. Guest Invitation Cards are a great way for church members to extend an invitation to their friends, family, co-workers, the coffee barista they visit three times a week or the hairdresser they see monthly. Door hangers and postcards are great ways to spread the word about church events throughout your community. We also offer Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcard mailing services for reaching entire neighborhoods or zip codes all at once.

For most people, inviting someone to church doesn't come naturally. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say. We understand that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important message we can ever share with someone and we're committed to helping your church reach your community. Give us a call at 866-654-6127 for details or to ask about more ways you can invite people to hear the Gospel!