A Worshipper's Heart Single Insert Sheet

A Worshipper's Heart Single Insert Sheet

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Inserts customized to tell your story
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To complete the customization on your order, we'll send you an email with instructions for sending us your logo, pictures and church information.

A Worshipper's Heart Single Insert Sheet

  • One single insert sheet printed with your information to tell your story to your guests!
  • Customized with your headers, body text, pictures, and contact information on each insert
  • Sized to match your folder (4x9 or 6x9)
  • Can be printed on both sides of the sheet. (Price includes printing on front side of sheet only)
  • Printed on a 7pt coated card stock.
  • Can be written on with ballpoint pens and pencils.
  • Single inserts can be reprinted, so your packet always remains up to date.

Sample text for your inserts:

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Welcome Guest Information
Mission Statements Schedule of Services
We Believe Why am I Here?
Adult Ministries Missions
Awana Music
Bible Studies Nurseries
Boys & Girls Clubs
Children's Ministries Prayer Request
Christian Education Fellowship Groups
Seniors Foursquare Believes
Singles Sunday School
Membership Men's Ministries
Ministries (Misc) Who We Are
Women's Ministries Youth